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Comedian Pascal - Virtuoso of comedy - He makes you go bananas!
Comedian Pascal - Foxy Cool - Ventriloquist Comedy
Comedian Pascal
Comedian Pascal Soprano saxophone
Comedian Pascal
Comedian Pascal
Comedian Pascal
Comedian Pascal - Puppet Comedy
Comedian Pascal - Bravour The Show
Comedian Pascal - Magic - Comedy
Comedian Pascal - Suitcase
Comedian Pascal - Comedy - Magic

Pascal  de Boer is born in Den Haag (NL) November 30th 1985. When he was four years old his uncle took him to the circus and when he saw the clowns he knew what he wanted to become.
The varied world of the circus inspired him so much that he soon decides that his future lies in the ring under the big top. He is particularly fascinated by the clowns, and soon he is working on clown performances in his spare time and performing them for friends and acquaintances.
After auditioning for a small circus, he is employed for the 2001 season and his life in the circus begins as clown Pascalino.

After working at several circuses like Netherlands National circus Herman Renz, German National circus Carl Busch, the Hungarian state circus building Fővárosi Nagycirkusz in Budapest and workshops with clown teacher Peter Shub he slowly started to change his style with subtle make up and worked as a comedy character instead of the more traditional clowning. Then he started to perform at theaters, dinnershows, themepark shows, cruiseships and big entertainment company's.


As his comedy character being the highlight act for two years at the famous dinnershow Benidorm Palace in the productions Rubí and Alegrias Pascal went with his comedy to the prestigious cabaret La Bouche from Adans Peres in Alicante, Spain. After that he straight away joined the dinner show Trocadero from André Sarrasani in Dresden, Germany where he was performing with his comedy. Then he got contracted for Cruise ship the MS Silja Symphony to be the comedian and host of the Great Gatsby Show! In 2021 he got contracted to work at the Paderborner Weihnachtscircus where he because of huge succes returned again last winter. Also Pascal produced his 2nd show production Bravour the show in the Netherlands that opened it's doors again the 1st of March 2022 and he joined several shows with the famous circus Roncalli.


His motto is: It's not about what you do, but how you do! 

His trademark is subtle comedy, and he has now been entertaining audiences internationally for over twenty years.

We present you Pascal, the virtuoso of comedy and he will make you go bananas!

Order here the autobiography of clown and comedian Pascal de Boer, Na het slotapplaus.

A book written in Dutch with 180 pages and full color photos for 17,50 Euro.

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